“I am pleased to write this initial Blog for Karuna Integrated Clinical Services (KICS) as we Launch today, Tuesday, April 25, 2023.” Tina Karunaratne


Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) play a vital role in the development of new medical treatments and therapies. However, not all CROs are created equal, and there are many advantages to working with a niche clinical research organization.

A niche CRO is a company that specializes in a particular therapeutic area or type of clinical trial. For example, a niche CRO might focus exclusively on oncology research or early-phase clinical trials. Here are some of the advantages of working with a niche clinical research organization:

  • Deep Expertise in a Specific Area:  A niche CRO typically has a team of experts with deep knowledge and experience either in a particular therapeutic area or functional area. This expertise allows them to offer specialized services and provide valuable insights into the specific challenges of conducting clinical trials in that area. KICS Leadership Team specializes in Strategic Clinical Operations, Project and Program Management, Biometrics, and Clinical Quality Assurance, to name a few

  • Faster Study Start-Up Timelines:  Because niche CROs focus on specific therapeutic areas, they have existing relationships with key opinion leaders, investigators, and other stakeholders. This allows them to quickly identify and recruit suitable sites and investigators, and to start trials faster than more generalist CROs. KICS Leadership Team collectively have over 100+ years working in the biotech and pharma industries, as such our networking pool is enormous

  • Increased Efficiency:  Niche CROs are able to streamline their operations by focusing on a specific area of expertise. They are able to develop specialized processes and tools that are tailored to the needs of their clients, and they can often complete trials faster and more efficiently than larger CROs. KICS Leadership Team places a greater emphasis on Project Management, as such planning, communication, and risk management is the bedrock of our operation

  • Better Patient Recruitment:  A niche CRO typically has a deep understanding of the patient population for a particular therapeutic area. This allows them to develop targeted recruitment strategies that are more likely to attract eligible patients and improve enrollment rates. KICS Leadership Team has extensive experience in Women’s Health, Oncology, Cardiology, and Infectious Disease, to name a few.

  • Access to Specialized Technologies and Resources:  Niche CROs often have access to specialized technologies and resources that are not widely available. This can include specialized equipment or software, as well as expert knowledge of the regulatory landscape. KICS Leadership Team has an extensive network and is partnering with similar niche CROs to offer our Sponsors with a full-service model, if so desired.

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