Boston, MA
April 25, 2023

Karuna Integrated Clinical Services (KICS)

has been launched today by a woman of color with an all-women C-Suite.

The new company aims to provide specialized services to clients in the biotech and pharma
industry, with a focus on strategic clinical operations, clinical project

management, clinical and medical monitoring, clinical quality management,and global inspection management. 

The company's focus on niche areas of expertise will provide specialized Clinical TrialManagement Solutions integrating clinical services with a unique business model based in team science and interdisciplinarity allowing for greater flexibility while delivering high quality clinical trials.The founder and CEO of the company, Dr. Tina Karunaratne, is highlyexperienced in clinical operations and program management with over 20years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Dr.Karunaratne and her C-Suite collectively have over 100 years of experiencein a wide range of clinical trials, including those in the areas of oncology,infectious diseases, cardiology, ophthalmology, and rare diseases. “I am thrilled to launch this new company, which has been a dream of minefor many years," said Dr. Karunaratne. "As a woman of color, I amdetermined to create a company that reflects my values in empathy,diversity, and integrity. Our all-women C-Suite is a testament to ourcommitment to diversity and inclusivity, and we are excited to bring ourcombined expertise to clients who share these values.”

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Karuna Integrated Clinical Services (KICS) is a niche Global CRO integrating clinical services with a unique business model based in Team Science and Interdisciplinarity which allows for greater flexibility while delivering high quality on clinical trials. Our Mission is to provide exemplary delivery of therapeutics through unification and shared commonality of purpose with our clients, our communities, and our global environment